Undergraduate courses:

 PSPA 220 Globalization and Culture

PSPA 221 Theories and History of the State

PSPA 237 The Modern Middle East in International Politics

PSPA 238  International Political Economy

PSPA 293D  Senior Seminar: The United States and the Middle East


Graduate Seminars:

AMST 301: America in the Middle East

PSPA 304  Theories of Political Economy 

PSPA 310 International Politics

PSPA 311 International Politics and the Middle East

PSPA 317 International Political Economy

PSPA 318   Theories of International Relations


For prospective Students: 

Information about applying to the AUB's Political Studies MA program, see PSPA

-In your statement of purpose please explain your intellectual background and exactly what you wish to study and with whom in the PSPA dept.

-Please provide two letters that assess your academic/intellectual abilities.

-Optional: Include a writing sample.

Note: The PS program is very small and thus we cannot accept all qualified applicants.  We generally accept students who we feel will benefit the most from the program and are interested in the topics that match our faculty expertise.


Information about applying to AUB's Middle East Studies MA program, see CAMES

- In your statement of purpose please explain your intellectual background and exactly what you wish to study and with whom at AUB.

- Please provide two letters that assess academic/intellectual abilities. Letters from language instructors are generally of little use to us.

Please note: Admissions to the MES program is highly competitive and requires prior background in Middle East Studies and (in most cases) rigorous training at the undergraduate level as well as high GPA and GRE scores. Applicants are advised to apply to additional programs if they have a particular interest in AUB. 

The program provides limited funding.

Students with limited background in social science or humanities training, borderline mastery of academic English, or no academic background in Middle Eastern Studies will not likely be admitted to the MA program. We recommend that you apply as a Special Student-Not Working Towards a Degree and take one or more AUB graduate classes (in MEST or another dept) and re-apply after gaining a letter of recommendation from your instructor.


To see what I am currently teaching, search for my name on the AUB dynamic course schedule

"Why I majored in Politics," an essay for Major Choices, Princeton University.  [read at your own risk]



Archived Syllabi (previously taught at Johns Hopkins University)

  Undergraduate courses:

Middle East Politics

The United States in the Middle East 

Introduction to Globalization

         Globalization and Culture

International Tourism and Politics

Advanced undergraduate/graduate seminars:

Geographies of global tourism 

The Politics of Travel in the Middle East 

Advanced Readings in Middle East History and Politics

Graduate seminars:

IPE and Globalization

IR Theory and the Middle East

Territory and Identity in IR Theory

         Interests, Identities, and Foreign Policy